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Exclusive trial price: $500

Send one email of your choice to up to 75,000 contacts in our technology community

  • Includes one email send
  • Promote content, events, products, etc.
  • Limited to broad technology targeting
  • New customers only
  • Standard price starts at $2,250 per send

Why ViB Emails?

Grow your brand

Popularize your brand among new customers who fit your ideal profile and might not find you organically

Get attendees to your event

Promote any upcoming event or webinar to thousands of new prospects to get quick and qualified sign-ups.

Content promotion

Maximize value from each content asset by pitching it to engaged audiences eager to learn about new technologies.


Frequently Asked Questions

Trials are an amazing opportunity to test out ViB services. 

Due to the limited term nature of a trial, audience targeting is limited to broad technology contacts in our community.

Trials are also limited to new customers of the service that is requested to be trialed.

An Email trial includes:

  • 1 email send
  • To up to 75,000 contacts

ViB Emails gets your message to new contacts leveraging the ViB Community of millions of technology professionals. Each email reaches prospects who fit your ideal customer profile and have subscribed to ViB’s community to hear from companies like yours.

As a top-of-funnel tactic,  using ViB Emails can help you drive awareness, get campaign results, and push your existing work even further.

Your trial will consist of one send of your email of choice to up to 75,000 of the broad technology contacts in our community. 

Instead of relying on conventional lead sourcing methods, ViB uses a proprietary community-based approach. We actively source, segment, and nurture a community of high-tech professionals who are interested in discovering emerging technologies through us.

Here’s how it works:

  • Tech professionals voluntarily sign up to join our community
  • These members provide their full profile information and interests
  • They freely opt-in to a range of programs to meet with vendors or to receive emails and content on specific topics that interest them
  • We match them to clients through demand generation services
This way, we’re able to find the best leads who are accurately segmented and most importantly self-qualified.


Chris Graham

"ViB will get you quick results with immediate opportunities. They drive a high volume of activity for a competitive cost."

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Automation Anywhere

David Morrison

"We were blown away by the quality of the leads, the quality of our meetings, and the high rate of conversions."

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Abnormal Security

Jon Moody

“Almost every lead ViB sent us became a business opportunity, as we hoped it would. Further, ViB replaced any lead that didn’t fit our criteria or was determined to be an unqualified lead upon further review.”

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